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Daniel Jones' Teenage Kicks column: Exam season and revision tips

By Llanelli Star  |  Posted: May 15, 2013

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SPRING marks the beginning of many things in Britain. For many of us feral youths, however, it marks the long, hard slog that is revision season.

Oh yes, it's that time of year when every parent seemingly forgets how hard exams were.

Remember that, parents. Seriously, recall when you were revising and remember just how much fun you had!

This is especially true on sunny days. Please don't point out that it's nice outside. I can see that, the sky is lovely and blue and everything looks lovely and warm. But no, I'm stuck indoors learning the ins and outs of Spartan politics.

I guess as a person who has gone through two real exam years and am currently doing a third (exams from Year 7 to 9 don't count), I consider myself a battle-weary revision veteran, so I should share my personal tips and what has worked for me.

When struggling to motivate yourself, don't imagine grades — I think that is pointless. Grades are intangible things. Instead, imagine your future. Imagine what you want in your life, and work backwards from there to see how this helps you get to the point of the grades.

Also, listen to music. Nothing with lyrics (seriously, I cannot stress enough that that's a bad idea), something like classical music that blocks out background noise and distractions but doesn't distract you from the work itself.

It acts as a layer of noise, an armour protecting you from interference. Just relax, don't stress and work hard. It'll all be over soon — until next year that is.

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  • SunglassesGuy  |  May 16 2013, 6:13PM

    Hi, I've found this article really useful. I'm currently taking exams and the best way for me to remember certain things is to picture them as a similar word. For example, I needed to remember that vitamin B is needed for releasing energy. So I picture a bee being released and buzzing about energetically. It sounds stupid, but the more stupid it is, the more likely you are to remember it! It's important to have breaks and do stuff you enjoy too though, I write a blog about all the stuff I do instead of revision, so you could read it while you're not revising, it's full of cool stuff to do and things that will make you laugh: http://tinyurl.com/cl97ydw Enjoy!