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This is the End review by Stewart Perrin

By Llanelli Star  |  Posted: July 03, 2013

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THIS is the End is an apocalyptic comedy written by and starring Seth Rogan (Knocked Up). The stellar cast includes James Franco (Spiderman), Jonah Hill (Superbad), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Role Models) and Emma Watson (Harry Potter), as well as a large number of other major actors playing cameos including Rihanna and a small turn by female favourite Channing Tatum (Dear John).

The film is based around the failing friendship of Seth Rogan and his childhood friend Jay Barachel. Jay has come to visit Seth in order to build bridges as they have drifted apart, but Seth wishes to involve reluctant Jay with his new Hollywood friends by attending an extravagant housewarming party thrown by James Franco.

During the party, an earthquake and wormhole hits LA, resulting in them having to seek refuge by barricading themselves in the house. Disaster hits and many of the partygoers are doomed, leaving Jay, Seth, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson as the only survivors.

What follows is a sometimes gory comedy on an apocalyptic scale, with the film self-deprecating of both Hollywood and the actors, with them playing characters very stereotypical of their roles in other movies. The storyline sees the characters come to question whether there is a God, and how their sins may be coming back to haunt them, however it is done very tongue-in-cheek.

The storyline is thin on the ground, but serves its purpose by allowing the actors, particularly Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, James Franco and Danny McBride, to have fun with their roles, and sees them do what they do best — creating lots of laugh out loud and some cringey moments.

One particular scene involving Emma Watson (usually referred to in the film as Hermione) is especially funny — although you will question whether you should be laughing.

While not as ground-breaking as some apocalyptic films, This is the End will leave you with a smile on your face (especially if you like the Backstreet Boys).

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