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Police probe into threats made against author

By Llanelli Star  |  Posted: February 06, 2013

Kidwelly author Julian Ruck.

A POLICE investigation has been launched after threats were made against a prominent Kidwelly author.

Officers this week visited the New Street home of Julian Ruck, who claims he has been "harassed" by several people on a blog set up to mimic his own.

The 56-year-old, who is a Llanelli Star columnist, says he had taken it all on the chin until the harassment reached "another level" — with some posting threats to throw dog excrement and copies of his own books at his house.

"It is non-stop harassment," he said.

"I am getting sick to death of having these people coming out with a load of rubbish about me, which I could ignore in the past, but then it got onto another level.

"This blog has been set up entitled Jewels from Julian and Julian *uck, which they use to vent their spleen about me. But now some of them are writing vicious stuff saying that if they can find out my address they are willing to go and hurl dog muck and my books at my windows."

Mr Ruck claimed the criticism intensified after his Kidwell-e Festival — the first event in the UK organised to celebrate the rise of the e-book, received little support — with fewer than 100 people attending when it had been hoped it would draw in thousands.

He added: "I thought enough is enough — it is getting silly and my wife (Lynne) would be worried if she knew about it.

"I'm a spineless bugger, but even I am looking over my shoulder — it can get to you.

"I have never attacked anyone personally, I have just put the facts out there about the Welsh literati, but it seems I am not allowed to speak."

Mr Ruck said the police took copies of the blog posts, adding that they would now investigate further into who is responsible for them.

He said: "It is only a handful who are causing the trouble, but they are wasting their time because I'm not going to stop putting my views across.

"We live in a democracy and I am entitled to my opinion, and I believe I am speaking for the vast majority of people in Wales."

Dyfed-Powys Police confirmed a report of harassment was being looked into.

Sergeant Heulwen Aston said: "We have received a complaint of harassment and an officer is currently making inquiries into the matter."

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